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With our innovative thoughts, we have our new innovative product launched on AppExchange, which is an added advantage for all the Salesforce admins and developers, which enables them with drag and drop-able Lightning Web Components that can be used on the following pages:

  • Home page

  • App page

  • Record details page

  • Lightning flows

  • Communities

To enhance usability and reduce the time to market for custom requirements. We all know Salesforce Lightning is the new world and classic deprecating soon. Due to many limitations and restrictions, which increase time to market and budgets. Lack of configuration and custom development results in slow adoption for Salesforce. To keep the time to market and budget at a minimum, with the ease of configuration, PWR Components can be the perfect fit.

PWR Components is not just a bundle to extend Salesforce limitations but also helps users to configure and use our new and innovative components which are totally new in the ecosystem.

  • PWR Button Group

  • PWR Icons

  • PWR Progress Bar

  • PWR Ratings

  • PWR Related List

  • PWR Timeline

The above components provide more power to the admins, and developers to format data in a specific format as per the requirements. All components in the bundle are supported on the Record Page, Home Page, App Page, Lightning Flows, and Communities It helps Reduce Cost and Time to Production.

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