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What are noKodr Models?

Imagine them as powerful data pipelines. They seamlessly connect your data sources (Salesforce Objects, APIs, etc.) to the visual components on your noKodr page. But their magic goes beyond more transfer: 

  • Data Retrieval: Models fetch the exact data you need, using filters and sorting for pinpoint accuracy. 

  • Enjoy complete data control: noKodr App Builder allows you to easily manage data from your Salesforce org. Data will be saved into models by creating a new field, and it will also be saved immediately into objects.

  • Data Binding: Models act as translators, connecting data fields to your components' properties and displaying the actual values in your user interface. 


Model (2).jpg
noKodr Model

Single vs. Multi-Record Models: 

Choose the right tool for the task: 

  • Single Record: Perfect for showcase specific details, like a customer profile or product information. 

  • Multi-Record: This type of model is used to get bulk data from objects. It is used to display data in charts, list views, repeaters, etc. 

    Screenshot (60).png
    Create a New Model in noKodr

Why Use noKodr Models? 

  • Effortless Data Visualization: Build interactive data views without writing code. 

  • Real-Time Updates: Say goodbye to stale data. Changes reflect instantly across all connected components. 

  • Multiple Object data: Model Play and important role to showcase multiple object data on single page layout 

  • Cross-Platform Flexibility: Connect data from diverse sources, including Salesforce, APIs, and more. 

Beyond Traditional Tools: 

Forget about clunky interfaces and complex coding. noKodr Models empower you to: 

  • Connect components in seconds: No time wasted on tedious configurations. 

  • Respond to data changes instantly: Your forms and visualizations adapt seamlessly. 

  • Enjoy complete data control: Manage your data across platforms with ease. 

Ready to unleash the full potential of your Salesforce data? Start using noKodr Models today and experience the power of streamlined data management and visualization! 


AppExchange Link: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/appxListingDetail?listingId=a0N4V00000GZCsrUAH


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